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April 23, 2008

How to anger PR folks

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As you know, public relations can be a pretty ruthless business and PR pros often get angry when people try to belittle what they do or stereotype all PR people into a certain mold. The editor of Chief Executive, Bill Holstein, has a post titled “The six things CEOs don’t understand about PR people” which rose all types of stink amongst PR people. It’s two years old but was linked by The Flack today. The replies to the original Holstein article included lots of PR professionals trying to prove him wrong. It’s quite entertaining!

From Shiny Red, online reputation is covered with a list of 12 key things to monitor online. They come from another list here.
1. Personal name
2. Company name
3. Product Brands
4. CEO and other execs
5. Media spokesperson
6. Marketing message
7. Competition
8. Your Industry
9. Your known weaknesses
10. Business partners
11. Your clients’ news
12. Your Intellectual Property

A link to help you write better press releases:
FIve reasons why I deleted your press release

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