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June 11, 2008

How social media is changing employee communications

Joseph Thornley’s Pro PR has live text of a presentation from the CPRS National Conference titled “How Blogs, Wikis, YouTube & Facebook are Changing Employee Communications.” Good point made how important it is for corporate websites to have web 2.0 communications available during crisis times as website visitors will want to be kept up-to-date on all the breaking news. The talk also mentions how companies need to “engage in public discussion with credible online voices.” There is also a case study of the 2005 CBC lockout.

PRNewser raises a question in regards to authenticity in communications: “Should PR firms blog for clients?” Most of the communicators interviewed in the article say no as it’s not authentic and it’s difficult to write about a topic you don’t have passion for. They also say it’s more important to be engaged and involved in discussion with the conversation surrounding your company.

Most people must have seen the Globe and Mail article about communicating in a crisis. A good refresher; again, transparency and openness are key during crisis situations.

Speaking of a crisis, AdAge has discussion on what marketers can learn from the tomato scare. They also point to the use of social media and search to help better communicate with the public.

Ogilvy PR’s blog has a list of 6 new social media tracking tools. We’ve used Summize a bit to track Twitter conversations. Alltop seems like a great news aggregator. Brand tags also seems like a great time waster. More here about the change from “social media” to “socialized media.”

Finally, it’s good to know John McCain knows what “a Google” is.

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